Saturday, February 8, 2014

2014 Update

Since it’s been over a year without a post it's definitely time for an update. Elliot continues to do well in Maintenance therapy. He has had a few drops in his ANC (absolute neutrophil count) in the past year, but it has always returned to normal levels quickly. Only once was he admitted to the hospital (back June 2013) for fever with neutropenia (low ANC). It was a quick stay, but he came home on IV antibiotics since he had a positive blood culture. He had his final lumbar puncture in May of 2013. A few months ago his hem/onc practice changed how often they see patients in Maintenance to every other week instead of weekly. Only going in every other week has been a very nice change. We feel like we are in the “home stretch” now since his treatment is due to complete in August of this year.

He started preschool this past fall in the mornings and was doing well and enjoying it. He has also been seeing an occupational therapist once a week to help with his fine motor skills, which were lacking due to all the chemotherapy he has received. We recently pulled him out of school to prevent him from catching anything during the winter/flu season.

Elliot is now a big brother. His sister, Saige, was born on 2/5/14. Addie and Elliot are both very exited about having a little sister. 

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  1. Great news! It is always a boost when milestones are reached, like not having to see the DRs as often. Thanks for the update.